Strangeways, Here We Come

I’m happy for you. I miss you.

you’re good to me. I want to thank you.

sometimes I miss you so much, it’s like a big hole in my life.

smoke a cigarette, it’ll go away.

—Charles Bukowski, “2:07 AM”  (via lullabysounds)

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I doubt you will ever read this.
I guess, it’s safe enough place as any. But, I totally fucked up. And, I broke my promise to you. I was never any good.

And, I’m sorry I treated you so poorly. And I’m not at all okay any more. I loved you much more than you could imagine. I’m sorry I was too selfish to show it.


Cleveland baseball fans stand against racism by #DeChiefing their gear

In the past few months, debate surrounding the use of racial caricatures as pro sports mascots has reached a fever pitch. Just ask the Washington Redskins, who’ve endured significant backlash for both their refusal to change their name and their half-assed attempts to placate their critics.

But a few miles west, fans of the MLB’s Cleveland Indians are taking a stand. In a motion of solidarity, a small but growing number have been “de-Chiefing” their paraphernalia by removing the offensive “Chief Wahoo” mascot from caps and jerseys that bear its likeness.

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Adult Film

—Oliver Jett

Adult Film - Oliver Jett

Same thing as before
when I wake
feeling you now

Too soon for me to know
if at all
But I don’t care

I’m not alone
I’ve been with you

A future place
a time
dance away with you

Take me
walk away
what means nothing
means everything to me

Once I thought things mattered
but now I’m old and gray

Stay back from Hell
and everything in-between

Shadows on the wall
are just a dream

Would you hold my Devils?

Welp, here it is!

Things wrapped up so nicely yesterday!
We finally put vocals to the songs!
And, now, we have this 5 song demo.

Please, take a second and check it out!
Click here for the Bandcamp.

-Adult Film

Worked on a new Household Pains track today. Sounding pretty killer! Hoping to have some finished tunes soon.

Finally my new glasses came in.
Living without being able to see was not much fun, you know?

Finally my new glasses came in.
Living without being able to see was not much fun, you know?

The newer version of Pokemon is on Netflix should I watch it or no?

Probably no.

spilled coffee in the water
think that’s good for my complexion?